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Song Hy Gia Lai to celebrate 6th anniversary


Song Hy Gia Lai Co., Ltd. celebrated its 6th anniversary in 21 June 2017. Established in 2011, Song Hy Gia Lai has gradually gained trust and its reputation in the international agricultural market. We're on our way to deliver more and more agricultural products in addition to our core products such as pepper, rice, cashew or coffee bean.  In the latter of 2015, we started to enter the labor export industry. Since then, we have sent labors to traditional market of Vietnam such as Dubai, Russia, etc.

In our next level of development, we have planned to explore new markets as Africa or America because the demand of agricultural products there are increasing fast. Above all, we focus on the quality of our products and service to strengthen our relationships with existing customers and to connect with new clients. Song Hy Gia Lai has invested considerably in QA process both within our production and by third parties. All our services are guaranteed with goods insurance by well-known financial organizations or Vietnamese bank.

We promise to enhance your trading experience with us on the basis of "best quality, best partnership, best service."

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