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Song Hy Gia Lai attended Vietnam eTrade Conference 2017

May 16th 2017, the Vietnam eTrade Conference 2017 (VETC) was held by Alibaba Group and Vietnam eCommerce Association. 

The Conference discussed over three key contents: the online public service or online transaction between Government and businesses (G2B); opportunities to develop export from e-trade exchange following the model of business to business (B2B); and the upcoming trend and methods to develop the model of business to business to customer (B2B2C). 

Song Hy Gia Lai attended the Conference as a guest. To that extent, we raised questions over the complication of customs procedures and the efficiency of online public service system. In terms of the development of Vietnam export industry, Song Hy Gia Lai is glad that the Government has made a significant move in enhancing export/import activities. This steep change will help enterprises cut off costs spent for customs procedures, as well as promote transparency in public administrative procedures. 

Song Hy Gia Lai has joined a number of online marketplaces such as Alibaba, Business1, etc. We are looking forward to the future and development of eCommerce that has no geographical boundaries between enterprises and enterprises. 

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