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Desiccated Coconut

Desiccated coconut high fat (brief: desiccated coconut) is one of our main products of export. In 2012, our factory officially applied modern productive line, so our quality is absolutely guaranteed.

Our desiccated coconut is fully manufactured straight from the white part of mature coconut kernel and we do not use any preservative to keep DC, that is reason that our DC can be safely used for health and fit for human consumption. Desiccated coconut are graded as cutting size: fine grade and medium grade, where particle size of fine grade is smaller than medium grade. Desiccated coconut is packed in strong packaging so it could prolong more  than 02 years if kept in cool and dry place. Each month, we can produce more about 400 tons of desiccated coconut so, we have the ablility to supply products in bulk to customers.